I Am?

WordPress.com has this option to show “possibly related links.” And, Creo en Dios! is a WordPress.com blog… which brings me to reading Susan’s blog, and finding a “possibly related link” to a guy who’s hot to discredit Ekhart Tolle… and a posting about “Who do you say I am?” (among others).

So, lacking wisdom or restraint I started reading not only his posts, but the extensive responses. Whoa!

It all comes back to what does scripture/Jesus/you/me mean with that cryptic little two word phrase – “I Am.” I get twisted up in the arguments (polite discourse, but arguments nevertheless.) In the Old Testament, “I Am” is the way God references God. Jesus uses the phrase from time to time… Let’s see, I think it’s in John’s Gospel (I’ll have to look this up) – He says something like “before Abraham was, I Am.” And we all know – “I Am the way, the truth and the life.”

But the discussions over on ProlepticLife keep circling back on is “I Am” something/someone else – God – or is “I Am” to be found in me? Not my problem, says I. “I Am” is definitely God, the source of all creation. Oh, wait, “I Am” is found deep inside myself, when I take the time to go into that secret room (the one where Jesus tells me to go to pray). It seems that most of the orthodox Christians on that site are convinced that looking for “I Am” inside myself is going to lead me astray.

It seems to me that believing that God is present in “I AM” that is the core of my being rings true. If I am God’s child, if God created me (with the assistance of my parents), then, just a I am made up of the same stuff as my parents (that being the nature of life), then there must be a bit of God that resides at the core of my being. I am not the same as my parents, but I spring from the essence of their being, just as I spring from essence of the Creator of Life.