You Look Like Yourself

This morning I ran into a friend that I haven’t seen in a while. He observed (much to my delight) that I have lost weight. I’ve dropped a bit over 30 lbs at this point, so it’s really nice to have someone notice. I thanked him for telling me. And then he said something interesting:  “Looks good. You look like yourself.”

Say what?

I paused to think on that. It seems to make sense now. When you begin to get to a place physically and emotionally that is approximating “right” — I think perhaps you do start to “look like yourself.” I’ve gotten rid of some of that padding that might have been useful to hide behind. I spent a very long time working at being comfortable with who I am emotionally and spiritually… it’s often not easy for some of us to see and experience our own emotions and situations without running and hiding.

So — I think this is good. I rather like the idea of looking like myself. Even if that self has flaws, gets angry for reasons that are difficult to suss out and still carries a bit too much padding.