New Wine Skins

I think I need a new wine skin. As I move through this time of transition (changed cars, change from full-time employee to retiree/self employed, grandmother-to-be again, shifts in friendships) the patches on this old cloak, and this old wine skin are getting rather problematic. The new cloth isn’t matching up to the old.

The only other way to I see to find my way through is some sort of meltdown. This could be good – melt things down, or bring the pot to a slow boil. Then, skim off the scum and keep that good stuff that I can work with. Distillation as it were. Not 100% effective, but a way to visualize letting go of the unnecessary, a way to put down the no longer needed baggage and find the freedom to be recreated.

Put that way, it sounds rather exciting. So, I think I’ll put it that way.