Perseverance must be a virtue. Not an easy one for me, despite the fact that acknowledge it to be a virtue.

At times, I find it easier to persevere if I take the time to note the small things in life, so that I can look backward over the log of my life and see that a change has been made. This is helpful especially when change seems to be geologically sssllllooooowwww.

So, of late, I decided to get a handle on eating and maybe lose some weight. I’ve done all manner of diets. I know what types of things I should eat. I also know what things I really like to eat. If I take the time to inspect it, I even know that some of those comfort foods and yummy stuff leave me feeling bloated, uncomfortable or just miserable. In light of past failures, I simple started logging everything I eat. It’s amazing what you won’t eat if you have to write it down! And amazing what you don’t really miss when that happens.

Now for the perseverance part: like everyone who desires to become a lighter, smaller version of themselves, I want to see results. This is where the keeping track actually helps in the long run. If I look at things everyday, I lose the perspective that things have actually changed over the past month. On the other hand, on a daily basis I check for the little things that I want to change — a slightly looser waistband, less effort to tie my shoes, actually doing all of the jumping jacks and hops in a Zumba class.

I’m sure the same is true of my spiritual journey — I just have to take the time take notice and take note so that I can see that ever so slightly, I make a bit of a change along the way. Nothing earth shattering, but more of an evolution where something drops from importance and some other vision begins to take hold of my hand and lead me on my path.