I didn’t write yesterday because there might have been tears in my keyboard had I tried in the morning. Nothing so major in the grand scheme of things, I know. But, disappointment doesn’t always listen to reason.

We had thought that our granddaughters would be spending New Years with us. Yes, we saw them three weeks ago at the wedding. That was such fun despite the fact that there were so many people around that there wasn’t a lot on one-on-one time. I understood completely that it made a lot more sense not to put 2 preschoolers in the car for 9 hours to drive up to see us. Especially since they had only gotten in from a trip north to visit other family the day before. I understood and agreed. Really. I mean, I did. Really.

Still, the tears welled up. I came face to face with just how much I miss seeing them. Eight hours away is just too far, IMHO. They are growing up so fast. Yes – they are still young – 3 and 17 months. But, between times, they grow up so much.

The new year is beginning in a couple of hours… not exactly a resolution, but more a hope and a plan: to spend more time with them. To take the time to do it now. To be in the present. And to have that present include those I love most.