Vocation for a baby

Yesterday we welcomed baby Lillian into the Christian community through baptism. The visiting priest made an observation in the homily that will stick with me. Some of us wonder at times at the wisdom of infant baptism. I was in maybe7th grade when I was baptized, and I remember it. That is a gift I think.

But — that’s not the observation made by the relatively young looking Paulist Father who was there to do the baptism. He observed that Lillian, at 2 months or so was already living a part of her vocation. She creates a change in those around her. Many of us had to chuckle as referenced the many silly sounds we make to get her attention. She causes many people to be a bit more gentle, a bit more caring, a bit more interesting in holding and hugging. She invites us to change.

Wouldn’t it be grand if we still understand that as a part of our vocation? Salt and light. And a baby can do just that.