Traditionally, there are 14 stations of the cross. The 14th station is “Christ is buried.” Some places add a 15th station: The Resurrection.

We got word this morning that our friend Nick died suddenly yesterday. I don’t know the details. I know that there is at least one group of men who go out to work (landscaping, clearing the grounds, etc) at a favorite retreat house near us in Holy Trinity, AL. Yesterday they were working there. Nick died at the 15th station.

We’ve both cried. But, somewhere in there it occurred to me “What better place to be when you move to the next stage of life than at a spot that recalls the resurrection of Jesus.”

Life is choices. Nick chose to serve God and humanity. Had he chosen differently, the day and the minute might well have been the same. But the circumstance and location would certainly have been different.

We’ll miss you Nick. We pray not only for you, but for Starr and the rest of your family – those you are related to by blood and marriage, and those who are a part of your Cursillo family, your community – your life as a whole.