… and other interesting characters from the life of Jesus

I’ve wondered about that woman: did she outlive 5 husbands? was she divorced 5 times (I didn’t think that would happen is Biblical times in that part of the world, but who knows)? Did folks suspect her of offing the 5 husbands? The one she’s not married to – is that because she was really burned out on marriage because of 5 previous episodes?

It seems none of those questions are relevant to the story told in John’s gospel. Fact was, Jesus knew about the circumstances, Jesus talked to her anyway, even asking her for a drink. Jesus touched her and sent her out as a missionary to talk to the men of the town. What a concept! When I feel like I’ve totally screwed things up, maybe I can be touched, healed and sent out to proclaim the Good News.

And so, I was glad that 2 Sundays ago, one of the songs we had planned was “Change Our Hearts.” Now, I knew ahead of time what the theme of the homily might be, because I knew what the readings were. But, as he so often does, [Fr.] Jack nailed it. Change our hearts, change our minds… come to know Jesus, personally. Sounds a bit Baptist instead of traditional RC doesn’t it? But, it is core to Catholic Spirituality if you get past the rules and regulations and look at the underpinnings. And, when I am healed, and changed, I have to go out and live the change.

So – last weekend I finished the shirt for JP and drove it down to the retreat house. Love is as Love does. He was very happy to get it. But, I’m dealing with some of the negative response (“You’ve had the fabric since July.”) And, I’m having to allow myself to be touched, to forgive, to be healed and to carry on.

And to think: a woman is the first missionary Jesus sent out.