and more people from the life of Jesus.

I can identify with Lazarus – how many times have I attempted to crawl into my cave and die? Or at least refuse to live? That is my first reaction to stress, or fear. Jesus has to be summoned to call me back to life.

I can identify with Mary and Martha, though not as strongly – “If You had been here, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.” How many times have I wanted so badly for someone else to step in and make things right. No, to stay in place, and make sure things don’t seem to go wrong.

I know that the story is the 7th sign – the perfect sign. It prefigures the Resurrection. But, right now, I’m still at the place of being mindful – seeing the Resurrection in everyday events, in healing the darkness of sorrow and depression, in seeing plans validated and coming to fruition. And so, with apologies to great thinking theologians, I am Lazarus who must be called out of the grave to live again and walk in the sunshine. It happens over and over and over. And the belief that Jesus is the Way is the only thing that makes it possible to respond to the call.

And now, just as I do every year, I approach the ultimate time of testing that belief and having it validated: Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil… over and over and over again.