This is Holy Week. The week where I remember that Jesus was greeted with cheers and smiles as he came into Jerusalem… and when those same people found out what He was really about, what He was going to allow to happen, they were discouraged, and hurt and angry.

Whenever I am greeted with “hosannas” I worry. I wonder what those same people will think and feel and do when they discover who I really am. And, can I hold on to who I really am? My track record there ain’t so wonderful. I’m more of a Thomas who doubts, or a Peter who rushes in so enthusiastically and then realizes that I’ve denied Truth 3 times when the cock crows.

Only 3? Well, maybe more than 3 at times.

The lesson that comes to mind is that God never seemed to give up on Peter, or Thomas for that matter. I’m not sure God gave up on Judas. Judas gave up on Judas… I listened to the Passion on Saturday evening, and I was struck at the way the words came out. “Friend, do what you have come to do.” The tone was not hateful (I’d have been hateful). The tone was one of sorrow, no doubt, but the way it was read, it was definitely sorrow. Sorrow like when someone close – a child, a friend, a spouse, really screws up royally. You can’t fix it, the consequences must be paid, but you love them through it all. And you feel sorrow.