I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been on the road alot, with more to come. Not much reflection time.

I have to admit to great disappointment when Benedict XVI (the man formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) stepped out onto the balcony on Tuesday. Like, four-letter word disappointed. As the day progressed, I became more at peace. I had to ask myself questions like “Do you really believe that the Holy Spirit is a work here? If so, rest easy.” Some things made it better: the name chosen – Benedict instead of a John Paul III. Reading about Benedict XV helped. Knowing a bit about St. Benedict helped. Surrendering to the fact that I have no control over the College of Cardinals, and that God in Her wisdom is still in ultimate control, helped. Remembering Thomas Becket and John XXIII and how they surprized people helped. Knowing that I wasn’t alone in my disappointment helped.

And so, now I am freed up to return again to looking beyond the world that presses in on me. I am ready to open up again and seek to see the face of the Creator more clearly. I am free to pray for our new pope… even free to believe that “all things work to good for those who love the Lord” – or as Julian of Norwich might say “All shall be well, And all things shall be well.”