After a session with my friend, confessor and spiritual comrade, I’m back on the search to understand the feminine faces of God. First on my suggested reading list:

I’m anticipating that this will require some work on my part. The last book I read by Elizabeth Johnson was “She Who Is” – it was a wonderful, mind/eye/heart opening experience, but it was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever read. And worth all the work.

As a new RC, some 32 or so years ago, and for many years, I had great difficulty with Mary. Growing up as a mainline protestant (Presbyterian, with Southern Baptist grandparents), this is not surprizing. However, as I have begun to accept that Mary made a choice to follow a call, against all manner of odds, and as I have found comfort in a mother’s touch, I find that my understanding of God’s Love is reflected so strongly in my understanding of her. I find myself being drawn back to reading Carol Lee Flinders’ “Enduring Grace” — the women she profiles left deep marks when I read this book the first time.

And so, I pick up my walking stick and begin again.