I was on the Frappr map for StBlogsParish to see if there were any stickpins for my part of the world, and I found Barefoot Catholic. Anyway, Sean is talking about assisted suicide, “Law and Order”, etc and he takes note of the fact that where Catholic Christians are most obviously differentiated from Protestant Christians is in the understanding of “Take and eat, this is my Body.”

Amen. If I have to explain why I am an RC and not still a protestant flavor Christian, it would have to be mass and that realization that “Take and Eat” is far more powerful than I have previously understood. That said, I have noticed that several of the protestant churches around have begun to have communion services on a far more frequent basis than seemed to be the case when I was younger. Perhaps, in time, the awareness of the power of the Supper of the Lord will spread and unite us all.