I’ve so enjoyed the snowboarders this week – they are so unOlympic, so fun. Shaun White observed that his gold medal surely would be a great “babe magnet.” And Kelly Clark going all out – not taking a medal, but taking the women’s sport to a new level. Ya gotta love ’em. They are like a new light shining.

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the work and discipline that it takes to get to the top – the seriousness of figure skaters and racers, and skiiers of all stripes. It does take a lot to get there and one must be disciplined. I love the grace and power of those athletes. I worry about the Chinese skater who finished so beautifully after crashing.

But — there’s always a “but” – the joy and love of the sport that shines through the snowboarders – now that gets to me.