Today’s gospel reading was the Transfiguration… you know – where Peter, James and John get a glimpse of REALITY. God with us… sandwiched into familiar things.

OK – so I played for two masses and heard the slightly two differing versions of the same homily. And what did I come away with?

  • A glimpse at why we are supposed to begin each Wednesday morning with sharing that includes our closest moment with God/Jesus in the past week
  • A reminder that God is present in the everyday, ordinary things of life

First – That closest moment issue. That means that at least once during the week, I take the time to pay attention to grace at work in my life. I take the time to remember being touched, even when it didn’t occur to me at the time. I remember not only my struggle with the problem, or friend, but the moment when I knew down to my toes that “All shall be well.” I remember the changes in my mentality that resulted from some deep rearranging of my thoughts and feelings. Basically – I am reminded to pay attention, to listen, to be mindful.

And that reminder that God is present brings up the pat on the shoulder that let me know I was being thought of, or joy of watching the dogs play and be dogs, or how good it was that we ran into some folks we knew while waiting for a table at a restaurant and wound up sharing a table and conversation and a bit ourselves.

Little un-miracles… like the old Cotton commercials: “Grace: the fabric of our lives.”