This might be the logical follow-on to Transfiguration…
Yesterday I was presented with the thought/statement:

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Hmmm… when I look at the world, my friends, my work situtation, my family – what of myself am I projecting onto the scene? I find a lot more peace when I try to look at the scene with the eyes of Jesus. Ok – with the eyes of Jesus as I perceive them. To truly see in that way, I must be transformed within to be more like God. Or is it that I must allow God to be God/Goddess and I to be in proper order in the universe?

This could get very messy and circular before long, I can see. So, to simplify it enough to try to be able to work with it, I’ll follow this path: know that I am not here to judge, but to love. Know that prophets were not calling down bad things on people, but looking clearly at the consequences of actions (live by the sword, die by the sword?)

The bottom line here is that I must allow myself to be transformed within to see with the eyes of Christ (God?). Part of how I do that is to conciously take God into the situation with me to help me see. Then, I must allow what I see in that light to change me within.

I am reminded of a my friend, JF’s response to my observation that he knows me well, and knows about so much of the dirt (he is my confessor), and still likes and accepts me: his response – “I must reflect the God I believe in.”

Back to the circular logic…