I made it to mass this morning (one of the benefits of the university being shut down for the holidays)… The first reading is John I 2:3-11. “Beloved: The way we ma be sure that we know Jesus is to keep his commandments….”

Fridays are “open mike homily” days in our parish. My open mike got sidetracked by someone who has been reading her friend, Charles Curran’s Memoirs. She reflected on how he has managed to survive, to live gospel values despite his condemnation by Rome – how he is not bitter. How he acknowledges those that hold opposing opinions, and finds something positive about them. She continued by reflecting on the fact that John talks about loving your brothers [and sisters] – those you live in most close contact with, and how that is often more difficult than loving at a bit more of a distance.

Now – that sidetracked my own reflections in a good way. The readings brought to my mind how this knowledge of Jesus causes us to act as He would act. If we are in touch with the mind of God, and take it to heart, then we will find that we go beyond “acting” as if we love one another and move to loving one another.