I’m not much for resolutions – although I really must divest myself of some extra padding this year… I’d like to do that this week, but I can only begin.

And so – I’m going to approach this “resolution” idea with journalling. When we meet on Wednesday mornings, we try to reflect on 3 things: Holiness/piety, Formation/Study and Evangelization/Action. Maybe, if I can do that every evening, then I can focus on the more positive aspects of my life, and grow in a healthy direction.

And so I begin with 1-Jan-2007:

1. I did make it to mass this morning. A good way to start the day, and indeed the year. And, indeed, the idea for answering the 3 questions on a daily basis came from mass this morning. So, if I did sense Christ’s presence today, it would have to be at some point during mass, or in the contact with others afterward. Not much, but a start.

2. Study/formation: I’m drawing a blank here. Funny, I’m reading the last book in Jan Karon’s Mitford series, and the thoughts and feelings she projects from Fr. Tim and Cynthia do somehow help to form my own thoughts and feelings. So, maybe that’s what I’ve read or experienced that helps me to be more of what I seek to be.

3. Action: Pretty slim pickings here as well. I do try to act in at least a respectful, if not overtly loving manner around my spouse. And sometimes, considering my internal landscape, that is a major project in and of itself.

OK – so tomorrow we try again.