These categories run together for me – one leads to another and back again…

It always seems that mass is the answer when I reflect on what I do or where I am that engenders spiritual growth. Now that we’re back at work, I find I truly miss that half hour at daily mass. The chance to be with others, to share our faith, and be a small community. And, differently from Sunday, I get to sit in the pew and be.

Tuesday’s gospel related the story where John the Baptist is asked “Who are you? Are you the messiah?” No. “Are you Elijah?” No. “Then who are you?” A voice crying in the wilderness. Marty’s reflection focused on how we must know ourselves and our limitations. Mine included the usefulness of being questioned, so that we can figure out who we are, and what we are about. He says I missed the point. I say that his job is to sow the seed, and not to be so adamant about what grows from it.

And so, by “missing” the point, I had a bit of vision that helps me to accept who and what I am. And sometimes, that is to be the questioner. To question myself, and those around me. And, to see more clearly – which is that close moment we seek.