How often it seems that we are relegated to the status of a “one trick pony.” Sometimes it’s a really great trick, for sure. But, there are times I’d like to learn another trick, or have someone else recognize more than one dimension of my life.

I’m, once again, working on Music for the Women’s Cursillo. Don’t get me wrong – I love to play (guitar) and I’m pretty good at it, and I sing acceptably. When people tell me I play well, it is not false humility that makes me shrug — it’s that I really want to play like Eric Clapton. I’m good enough to know that there are plenty who are better.

Of all the weekends I’ve worked, only once was I not on the music team. That time I gave a talk. I struggled with that talk – I fought with that talk – and when I gave that talk, it came from the inside. It wasn’t read – it was delivered. The struggle was worth it.

I have a friend who remarked the other night that she is really a one trick pony. All she really tries to do is to bring people closer to God — faith tradition doesn’t really matter. If I think of it that way, then perhaps I can learn to embrace this idea.