This really begins at the Easter Vigil. There are 3 readings that are required: The Gospel (of course), the Epistle (of course) and the Exodus reading about crossing the Red Sea. There might be up to 7 old testament readings, but the reading from Exodus is required. And so, I listened the the recounting of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea in safety while the horses and the chariot wheels of the Egyptians became bogged down in the mud, they were floundering and stuck and the water washed them away.

Hmm… there’s alot going on in my life right now, and I feel like I’m setting off to cross the Red Sea. A part of my fear is that I might turn out to be an Egyptian. A few drops of water splashing on me, ok — but I don’t want to get stuck and drown when the water rushes by into the space.

It seems to me that the Israelites  traveled light, on foot with few possessions and trust in God. The Egyptians drove their horses and chariots into the fray. They took all of their own power and possessions into the pursuit. Then they got stuck, and when they tried to go forward or retreat, they were stuck, the water rolled over them and they drowned in the sea.

Lord! Help me to let go and travel lightly. Help me to trust that You are with me and that there will be manna on the other side should I need it. Help me to remember that my lintel is marked with the Blood of the Lamb so that death and destruction will passover me. Help me to remember that even though I might have to wander in the wilderness for a while, that You are with me, to guide me and lead me to the Promised Land.