Last weekend I made a bit of a mistake in how I spent time. I found myself reading a blog discussing the issues with the Bishop in Belleville IL (I’m not including a link because I wasted too much time there and I’m not going to encourage others to do the same). The more I read the more sad and frustrated I became. The discussion kept moving off in the direction of liturgical properness and the authority of the Magisterium and Tradition.

Posting St. Teresa’s Prayer was a gut response to the whole mess. And Susan over at Creo en Dios! responded with one of St. Teresa’s poems that moved me deeply. After reading that I listened to the homily where I was reminded that all the study of theology possible and the possibly external adherence to rules does not make one Christian: what makes one Christian is personal encounter with the Risen Christ. That encounter and the continued relationship is the foundation of our faith.

So, maybe my time wasn’t all wasted. It caused me to stop and reflect on what I truly consider important. It gave me a chance to stop and spend time in the relationship that gives me life. It pushed me to get back to the basics.