Probably the most familiar scripture verse ever –and the central point of the Christian faith all in one sentence.

As I think of how much love that required (requires) it brings to mind my current delight at the news that my only granddaughter will soon have a new baby sister. These children are precious to me — my own children are precious to me, but there’s something about grandchildren.  Specifically, I think of my older son, who is the father of this newest generation of our family. Would I have been willing to give him up? Even to save the world.

Not so much, I think. When it comes to my children, or grandchildren being put in danger or in pain, my prayer, like so many mothers (I suspect) is more along the lines of “God, if someone has to suffer, let it be me, not him/her/them.” And maybe that’s something that is missed in recitation of John 3:16. Just how much love it required to allow the only Son to suffer. As a parent, I get angry, I feel pain when one of my children experiences it. How much more so must that happen within the Trinity?