There’s a song that we used to use for mass (back during the days of the original Glory & Praise). I suppose it got ditched because it was deemed “not liturgically appropriate” – but it meant alot then, and it still calls to memory a lot of how I see life as a Christian. I think it might have been by Joel Zigray, but I’m not sure:

I was a child once, I know it
My mother has pictures to show it
But she always knew I’d outgrow it
I guess that’s what pictures are for.

Walk with me, talk with me
Tell me about all the good things you’ve done
Stay with me, pray with me
Leave all your blues in your shoes at the door

I have many pictures of myself and my siblings as children. I have even more pictures of my own children. And my granddaughter is a well photographed child. But what do I see in those pictures? I see far more innocence that I possess now. When I am around my children now, so often I catch a glimpse of those children in the photos – in the moments when they let their guard down, when they laugh or when they are thoughtful. That beautiful child is still there.

Is that how God sees me? When I relax and let myself be me, does that child finally shine through again? Does the me that is loved just because I am show her face?

When we take the time to walk and talk and listen to someone we have a chance to see that child again. To stay and pray with someone can often have the effect of leaving those blues behind.

So – as I celebrate the 26th anniversay of my 29th birthday, I think I’ll try to spend some time walking and talking, staying and praying, and remembering those kid pictures.