I just got back from making a run down to Holy Trinity where the men’s Cursillo is in progress. Amanda and I took off early, had a great breakfast at the IHOP, got caught in traffic, and finally made it to the retreat house in time to hear the sounds of the men singing at mass. That sound always puts me into a grand space – I love it.

Holy Trinity is Holy Ground. I’m not sure what it is about the place. I do know that the minute I cross into the grounds, the universe shifts. Holy Ground. I’ve felt that way since I got to go over as a college student. I felt that way when I made my Cursillo. I felt that way when I went for Sr. Josepha’s funeral and for the 25th anniversary celebration for the Cursillo movement in this diocese… and the many times I’ve been as a team member and on retreat. I know it’s Holy Ground, despite the fact that our friend Nick died there at the 15th station a few years ago…

And so, I got my dose of hugs and smiles and thoughtful but quick sharing from my friends. Nothing to deep, but also the kind of morning that grounds me in the joy of Christian Community.

De Colores!