Throughout the Easter Season I’ve been following the Acts of the Apostles as they begin to spread the Word. It strikes me as a book detailing how these new Christians learned what they should do now that they were new Beings. They are sharing what they have seen, but the road isn’t so clear. They argue amongst themselves as each one begins to see a piece of the story. But with prayer, they resolve a lot of the issues.

Not a bad model for right now.

I’m involved in some tense, intense discussions about the directions for a website I work on. There are 4 parties in the discussion right now, each with a different view on how things work, what works, what should work and how to get things to work better. We all have somewhat different visions of what the site is or what we want it to be. Some are more different than others.

As we sort through this whole thing, I’ve had to do a lot of reflecting on my role and how I see the others. There have been times when I’ve found myself muttering “Lord, you better show yourself more clearly because I really can’t see you in X right now.” There is the “examination of self” to try to keep straight where something really matters and where my views are heavily colored by a turf war. There is the struggle to stay with it and not just blow off another person’s opinion in frustration. There has been the comfort of discovering that some parts of my vision are shared by one or more of the group.

We’ll continue to study the whole issue, I’m sure. We’ll continue to discuss it and learn from it. We’ll continue to look at the numbers and the patterns. We’ll learn more about what we are doing and why.

And, I pray that we will be able to act accordingly. Take a step. Move on. And proclaim our message.

If we begin with prayer and follow through, the road may be rough, but I believe that it will definitely move us in the right directly… Just like this Journey to myself.