I was reading Susan’s post on the Meaning of the Ascension and our commissioning before off to work as a part of the team for the Women’s Cursillo this weekend.

This weekend much of her thoughts will be made concrete. Not only will we reflect on Christ in our lives, we will share how we put flesh on that faith. We will share our stories and our music and listen to each other’s stories. We will hear how women (it is an women’s weekend) have taken their faith and put it into practice in everyday situations. Some of these will be ordinary events, some are more extraordinary. But all reflect the fact that these women are taking what they have seen and heard and turning it into everyday acts of friendship and aid, acts of faith as they struggle to understand and accept where they are right now and where they are called to be.

Thanks, Susan, for the reminder that we are commissioned to go out into the world — to be salt and bread and light for the world. This doesn’t make us crazy — it’s essential.

NOTE: I’ll be out of contact for a couple of days: no cell phone, no computer, no internet access. Enjoy.