Funny what comments will cause you to stop and ponder. My sister built an apartment on to her house for my mother to live in. It has its own entrance, a full kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom – and a full 2 car garage. With wedding celebrations going on this weekend a lot of time has been spent on the deck that sits between the main house and the apartment.

What does that have to do with garage 1 and garage A? In trying to explain where sodas/bottled water were living, we were trying to describe which garage to go into. My husband suggested designating them as garage 1 and garage A. That way no one would be insulted by the implication that one garage was 1 and other a subservient 2 ( or A and subservient B).

Which led me to thinking about the wisdom of this idea with respect to a lot of things: people are different, not necessarily primary and secondary. The same with a lot of ideas and approaches to life and faith and love. It offers a certainly validity to both sides of a lot of situations. 1 and A. Not bad.