After feeling so overwhelmed yesterday, I found myself praying for my friends… and talking with them on the phone. They actually know each other. And by the end of the day, friend A was using me to pass the message that she would be praying for friend B and vice versa. It’s kind of wonderful to watch each one pull herself out of her world and take the time to pray for the other.

I sometimes forget that I am a part of this community that shares its joy and it pain. In that sharing we are joined in one body. On Sunday we sang “We are many parts, we are all one body, and gifts we have, we are given to share…” My friends reminded me of that. When one part is in pain, the whole body hurts. And when we laugh, all parts feel better.

So – I’m better. Yesterday was a day to treat my own wounds and at the same time try to help heal the wounds of others. It’s amazing to watch.