My friend Susan posted this morning about Creating the Path by Walking It. And, of course that set me to thinking (her thoughts almost always set me to thinking) about paths, and examples and saints. Sometimes we do create the path by walking it — as uncomfortable as it may be. Other times, we can follow a path that someone else started by walking it herself/himself. I have been shown the path blazed by Vincent de Paul by my association with the Vincentian Father’s and others who are following that path – or parts of it. Saints and those who are in tune with them make good trail blazers.

When someone creates the path by walking it, and others follow, the path becomes a bit more defined. More feet walk it. It becomes wider perhaps. It can be seen from more of a distance. And some will follow the path without ever understanding why it was marked in the first place. There are both blessings and curses in following someone else’s path — the signs may seem more clear and the way is smoother. But, I find that while I might start off on someone else’s path, I always seem to have to diverge at some point and make or follow my own. It might cross the original again and again, and it might even be the same at times. I might find a shortcut or I might be required to wander in the desert for 40 days, learning as I go.

Thanks for those who have created the paths by walking them. And thanks for the responsibility and freedom to become one of them, on my own journey.