We deal with many mirrors. There is the mirror of our friends, relatives and coworkers that reflects back to us what they see in us. There is the mirror of God in which we hope that we can see the perfect creature that we are meant to be. But the mirror that is giving me fits today is the one in my bathroom.

That’s the one that greets me first thing in the morning and insists on showing me that I am neither as young or as slim as I’d like to think I am. It’s the one that reminds me of my encroaching double chin and the sunburn that my nose tends so strongly toward. It’s the one that reminds me that it was probably not a good thing to eat a whole, large Dove Milk Chocolate Bar last night even though I really wanted it, and really enjoyed it.

I’ve got to come to terms with that mirror. I think first I have to accept the face that looks back at me. Then maybe I can love the face that looks back at me complete with the puffiness under the eyes from sleep. Then, and only then, do I stand a chance of standing my ground and remembering to do those things that make that face happier, less stressed and possibly not quite so well padded.

Jesus told us to love your neighbor as yourself. If I am to love my neighbor, I suppose that I must learn to love me, in the mirror at 6 am.