Be still and know that I am God. A command to a prophet, a command to me. Of late, I have felt this call growing stronger and stronger.

It’s not to name God. Naming is good for control or some power over things. To name something, especially a fear, but also an idea or even a person gives us a handle on it. The unnamed fear is the thing of nightmares. In fantasy, to know a wizards name is to have power over him. And, I do try to name my fears so they cannot control me. This is not a call to name God. Just to be still and know.

To be still and allow myself to be. To rest. To allow the voices to blow past on the breeze.

There’s a running commentary in my head. I live a lot of my life inside. There exists inside my mind a whole universe. So, to be still, I have to turn a deaf ear to the running commentary on life. Eckert Tolle suggests stopping and asking “Am I still breathing?”

I will come to you in the silence… The opening line of David Haas’s song, “You Are Mine.”

You are a human BEING not a human DOING. Sam’s theme for the retreat day back in April.

In My Losing Season Pat Conroy talks about learning to go to that place inside where he was himself — like a room inside where he could be truly himself.

It’s not always easy to make myself settle into silence. It’s always worthwhile and always good, but I don’t get there nearly often enough. How to do it? (Oops, there’s that “doing” word again.)

I’ve heard the statement “Man made God in his image.” I’ve thought that was a bit on the blasphemous side at times. But, somehow, now it seems to be just an observation that leads me to a deeper love and awe of GOD. When we name something, we are putting it into a box so we can handle it. It gives us dominion over it in a way. I get the sense sometimes that there are those who think that they have God all wrapped up tidy in the Host at communion or adoration. Something manageable. Something controllable.

For now, I think I have to admit that not only is the Creator not controllable but also never completely knowable. How great is that! There’s always more to get to know and learn. But first, I have to begin by being still.

My Losing SeasonMy Losing Season