*The university shut down at 11 am today (tornadoes, rugged weather – the remnants of Fay). Nice day to reflect on all that I am grateful for.

  • For my youngest child’s graduation from college
  • For the same son getting a job almost immediately, doing something it seems he will really like working at
  • For the fact that Ella (granddaughter) arrived ahead of Tropical Storm Fay
  • That my son (Ella’s daddy) and his family survived Fay without damage or flooding (they live in Melbourne, where Fay camped for days
  • That my daughter and her husband sold their house (and are in the process of buying one in a new town)
  • For rain! Rain that can help the Southeast move past drought conditions. Keep raining!
  • For safety from nearby tornados
  • For Fr. Alex who filled in for our pastor for the past 3 weeks
  • For good friends
  • For my sisters in Christ (and their funny emails)

Unusual for me – I could go on and on.