Sunday’s reading was the parable about the talents — you know, the one where the one who gets many makes more and the schmuck who only gets one buries it. The one who makes more gets praise, the one who buries it and returns no more than what is given is chastised and sent off.  The priest used the short form (makes it all positive and rosy.) He focused on our gifts and using them. And gave us homework – make a list of 3 gifts that you see in someone else who lives in your home – or a relative or friend. And help them to use those gifts.

When I get that list, I think I’ll try giving it to the other person… to help him remember the good that he is. I’ve been very irritated with him lately, so this is a way not only the affirm him, but to help me rearrange my own attitude. Maybe then, I can see my own gifts and use them.

Not a bad way to start the day.