I’m a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2. There’s a wedding (3rd of 3) before year’s end. My children are adults – but they are still children on some days, and my babies on all days. As such, it becomes difficult at times to stand my ground and not be guilt-ridden when they try to play the “Mom always loved you better” game.

To be honest, they don’t do this very often. It’s often triggered by frustrations in their own lives. I know because I have a Mother and I know the temptation to play the game with my own siblings. And, it happens when we are unsettled in our own lives. “You did this for him – but not me.” or “You spend more time with her children than mine.” or “He/She gets away with murder and I’m always held responsible.”

This game seems to have reared its head recently. This time, I’m not playing. If push comes to shove, I’ll step aside and let them work it out between themselves. I love them all — and I’ve done my best to love each of them the best I can in each situation.

I’m not God, but I’m certainly called to try to understand just a little bit of how God’s love works. God loves me enough to meet my needs. I don’t need to compare what I get to what the next guy gets. Mind you, I said I don’t need to – but, all too often I still do it and that causes me unnecessary pain and suffering. Same lesson my children need to learn with me… I love you each. And that requires something different for each of you.

I’m standing my ground. I know I love each of them. And I won’t be bullied into the comparison game. Each one is special.