My “homework” is once again to practice “being still.”

Ugh! Just the other day I realized that other folks in my office are not privy to the conversations that go on constantly in my head. I have to update them from time to time or my questions seem to come from nowhere. I must practice being still, being present, and listening. It would be easier if they would listen inside my head (when I want them to, and only when I want them to) and then I wouldn’t have to pay attention or explain.

So – I’m back to breathing. Three focused breaths. “Am I breathing?” “Yes”, “Am I still breathing?” “yes”, “Let’s make sure I’m breathing.” “I am!” Or maybe 3 breaths to pray Father, Son, Holy Spirit. And I need to do this at least 27 times a day, it seems. Just to give myself a chance to rest in the Lord. Or simply to rest.

Am I breathing? Yes – and when I focus on it, the world around becomes brighter and more alive. Wow.

Am I breathing? Hear the sound of my breathing. Here the fan on the computer. Here the dog snoring next to me.

Am I breathing? Be still, and know that I AM your God.