I’ve listened to a couple of friends lately as they reflect on changes and calls. They are truly witnesses to me.

I see faith and commitment in one of them as he reflects on possible changes in his life. He struggles with his feelings. He tries to make lemonade. He always amazes me with his ability to be where he is — truly be there and be quite happy doing whatever it is. He makes really great lemonade.

I see faith and wonder in another friend as she copes with answered prayers… “Be careful what you pray for, because you just might get it” she told me the other day. I see her joy mixed with awe and at times almost confusion as she deals with a spouse who has recently been touched deeply by God.

I see faith at work in a coworker as he tries, and succeeds in not stomping out of a session with another coworker. It takes great patience to stay positive in the presence of this difficult personality. He works very hard to see the positive in the situation. Me? I might get through it, but I also might explode and get myself fired.

My friends are not trying to “witness” to me. At least I don’t think that’s the case. They are simply trying to answer a call. They are walking this road with me, and by do that, and sharing the joys and sorrows found on the way, they offer a living witness of faith.

Thanks guys. I love you all.