As a church music minister/director, I suppose I’m going to have to deal with this new translation of the Roman Missal (for English) at some point. I’ve thus far kept my head in the sand, ostrich style — and hoped that the day of reckoning won’t happen or at least wait a good long time. But, today, I read up a bit on this.


OK — I see that some folks want to make mass and the Catholic religion more mysterious, more awesome, more magical.  One thing that this makes me suspect is that these folks are hungry to experience the powerful, wonderful, awesome presence of God. Amen! But, it also seems to me, that while large, beautiful, magical churches and liturgy and evoke a sense of the power of God’s presence, it is even more powerful, awesome and enduring to experience the presence of God in my own heart and mind. In prayer — in quiet, open, honest prayer. Maybe this prayer is communal, but maybe it is that which is practiced individually on a regular basis. As when Elijah finally experienced God in the gentle, quiet after the storm, after the earthquake.

And so, I am not one who will rush toward these changes. I will probably run from them. I can always pray that somehow this foolishness is at least moderated somewhat…

But, most of all, I do ask God to continue to be present to me, no matter what.