Time flies by and I fail to take the time to post. But, it’s raining, and I have just completed the formation weekend for the Women’s Cursillo to be held in March at Holy Trinity. And, I’ve had to take time to think and write, as I am giving a rollo (talk) on Action – apostolic action.

These talks present me with problems at times. I find myself on a different page of the book than the outline for the talk seems to come from. This time wasn’t so tough as the other talk I gave a few years ago. But, still — it pushes my comfort zone edges to do this. And, that is a fine thing to do.

Of late, I’ve taking actions that force me out of the comfort zone. I’ve put in the paper work to retire from the University, effective April 1. Now, that is stepping out of a zone that is familiar, if not always comfortable. After more than 25 years it will be quite a change. One that evokes both excitement and anxiety. I can set my own schedule. I can take on projects that I want. I can be free to visit my children and grandchildren. How will I keep myself from turning into a bon-bon eating couch potato? Can I find enough contract work to fill the gap between my current salary and my retirement “pension”? I look forward to the chance and the change. I fear that I will make a miserable mess of the whole thing.

That said, preparing the talk on action seems opportune. The Holy Spirit seems to know her business quite well. I am forced to wrap words around ideas. I am called to action, as it were. What I hear in my quiet time with God, what I learn from my reading and study, I must turn into action. If I sit with God, if I am present in my relationship with Jesus, then I must reflect what I learn, what I know, in my daily walk. Reaching out to others. Listening to those who need an ear. Allocating a part of my income to help a friend who is struggling and coming up with a whole lot more month than money. Sharing of myself to draw others in to prayer when I lead music at mass. Continuing to do my best at a job where I am truly a lame duck.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is scary — and invigorating. And, a call to action.