In the past week, I’ve spent time at the beach, in the Magic Kingdom, at the zoo and then dwelling on holy ground at Holy Trinity (Alabama) where I was on the team for a women’s Cursillo. Now, for at least the next week or so, in my current “real world” of working at the the library. ReEntry into this world from another. Sometimes, I get a glimpse of the disciples wanting to stay on the mountaintop after the transfiguration. Wouldn’t we all?

Each of the places I went last week were “magical” in different ways. The first part of the week was spent in the company of my granddaughters, aged 3 1/2 and 18 months. For a 3 year old, wearing a Cinderella dress as she watched the night parade what can be more magical can getting a kiss from Peter Pan and waves from Cinderella and even seeing Tinkerbell up close? And to be there with her parents and grandparents, to boot! The younger one, Ella, fell in love with the carousel horses. Just her speed to ride double with Mémère around and around and around. I remember the first time I went — I was already the mother of their daddy, who was 3, and I felt the magic.

But, in a very different way, the end of the week was “magical” in it’s own way. The Blessed Trinity Shrine Retreat House is truly build on Holy Ground… even back in the 17th century for a time (during the Spanish exploration) a mission cross stood and mass was said. It’s been holy ground for me for more than 30 years and the sense of being in God’s presence breaks through into our world so strongly there that, for me, it jumps out. To spend 3 days wlaking with women as they begin to see how much Jesus loves them is amazing. To be allowed to be one of the messengers is true gift.

And so, just like our newest pilgrims, I find myself back in the “real world” again… but bringing with me the vision of the “magic” and that’s makes all the difference in the world.