Today was one of those days that started out feeling like nothing would go smoothly. Just before leaving house for my group meeting, I got a call from another member. She asked if I could possibly give her a ride from the car detailing place so she could make it to group and get her car cleaned. Sure! So I took my time, but still forgot my gym bag. Got to the car place – no Gail. I waited a while, then decided I had better meet the other member of this morning’s group (I wasn’t sure if I had Rosie’s cell phone, and I didn’t know whether she would have it at all — maybe I don’t even know if she has one!);

Feeling a bit disordered, I call home and get Gail’s number. No answer. Oh well — off to Panera. Call home again — the husband’s eyes were foggy — he gave me the wrong number the first time. I said — I’ll give that a try. Luck! Answering machine this time! Leave a message. Get to Panera, get my coffee and scone. My cell rings! I had missed Gail by not waiting 60 seconds longer. Go figure.

Leave scone on the table with Rosie. Back to get Gail. Feeling really discombobilated (is that a word? I sure it’s a valid feeling) now. Wondering what else can go wrong – as I also realize that I left my gym bag at house. Drat!

Breathe. Go with the flow. Get Gail. Return to Panera. Wonderful sharing and pray. Aah. More peace.

Back in the car to take Gail to the car place. It’s not ready! She’ll have to wait another hour.

Oh – did I mention that place is a car detail shop and a barber shop which caters primarily to African American men? Oh, and the barber shop is the only place to wait that has Air Conditioning (this is summer in the deep south, folks).

Brief discussion and Gail and I head off to the gym. I am wearing my sneakers, so we walk fast and talk for 50 minutes. Then she decides to play coach while we do some ab work. Then back to the detail/barber shop (I’m getting tired of this place now!).

It makes me happy to have been able to go with the flow. I know Gail much better now. We shared a lot this morning getting to know each other better. I feel like I truly do have a new friend.

So — despite what I thought must be attempts to separate me from God and my peace of mind, it turned into a grand morning, all in all. Some days you do have to look for God in the whisper (not in the storm or fire or earthquake). Some days, you just have to be open and listen. (Maybe I was listening when I elected to wear my sneakers instead my flip flops). Some days, it just pays to remember that little prayer:

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

Couldn’t change the car guy, couldn’t have a “do-over” and wait and another minute… Could go back, could go back, could pay attention, could change my¬† plans…

Thanks Lord.