Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend a few hours boating along the Connecticut coastline. We started on the Pawcatuck River, down to the coast, over to Mystic and in as far as the second bridge (the one near the Mystic Seaport) and back. The water was smooth, there was a lovely breeze. We made turkey and roasted red pepper sandwiches for lunch while relaxing on the Mystic River. We watched the railroad bridge open and close at least 3 times.

The feel of being on the water settles my soul. No words are necessary. As a teenager I could sit by the Tennessee River for long periods of time and become lost in the eternity of the water. Here, on Long Island Sound and the associated rivers, I also find the call to rest and just be. When I come to notice myself from time to time, I am wearing a smile. My insides are quiet.

I am home.

Which is why I was lead to chuckle when we passed another boat on our way home. She was named “Obstacle to Grace.” How funny that seemed to me that the thing that allows me to come so close to resting in God should be called by another an obstacle to grace. Life is a yard sale: one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. A good thing to remember.