Today’s On Point (Public Radio) is focused on Glen Beck — prophet or demon? (show info here)

I’ve been trashed by my sister because I dislike listening to Mr. Beck. I dislike his politics. I really find it offensive that he claims to speak for Christians… because what I hear in the Gospel and have learned from an ongoing relationship with God is so very different from Mr. Beck’s approach.

I’ve been blasted by my sister because she claims I have a closed mind. She’s sure that if I just listen to Mr. Beck that I will find truth and light. And so, because I have avoided too much contact, I spent an afternoon on the net, reading transcripts of his shows and other “first person” info from and about him. Her (my sister) has no grounds to accuse me of a closed mind because I haven’t listened or read. I’ve listened and read.

The questions posed by today’s On Point broadcast bring me to the following thoughts:

  1. Mr. Beck may be good for America because he might inspire folks to actually look at what he is saying
  2. Mr. Beck has his own faith journey to follow. But, he should be very careful to proclaim that he has special knowledge about the core beliefs of Christianity. I have my own perceptions which reach very different conclusions. He probably has some elements of the essential Truth, and I probably have other elements of Truth. And, his railing against social justice issues is causing me to doubt how open he has been to the Love given us as a free gift by God.
  3. The idea that Satan can quote scripture with the best of us won’t go away.

And so, I find myself in the position of praying for Mr. Beck — and for all of us. That we find our way and do so without destroying each other.