In my daily movements around this side of town, I frequently pass a sign at a local church that gives me pause. Actually, to be honest, I pass the sign and I am disturbed.

It is a banner sporting a view of the back of a fellow’s [bald/shaved] head which he seems to be clutching in frustration. The sign reads “Hard questions answered here.”

I pass it and ponder. It’s all wrong to me. In frustration, I have been known to nearly shout “If God would just give me the syllabus for this course called Life, then maybe I could pass the course. Just give me a chance to study up on the answers!” So, I rather understand the desire of the man depicted on the sign. Really. I do.

Faith just doesn’t seem to work that way. Oh, there are times when I get answers. Sometimes I even like the answers, but often I’m not fond of them. But, mostly, I find that answers are not spelled out. Answers are definitely not black and white and are definitely not things that can be applied blindly to all situations. I seek answers and the answer I get most frequently is “I am the way” — which I have finally learned means — “Walk with me, and we’ll deal with everything as it comes up.” Often, the answer only leads to more questions.

It seems that so many people just want the right answer to parrot. It seems that we often want the answers fed to us instead of taking the responsibility for our own learning. I know that there are many times that it would be so much easier to just have someone tell me what is right or what to do rather than listen in the context of my own relationship with Love.

I would think far more positively if that sign read “Tough questions? We can walk/sit with you as you listen for answers.”

That sign just bugs me.