I am living a what would be a really perfect existence for many faithful RC women: I have a living spouse,  3 grown children and 3 granddaughters. My husband is active in our local parish and in the Cursillo movement. All 3 children and spouses are Catholic (mostly practicing) and all 3 little girls are baptized in the Catholic Church.

So, why do I think God has a sense of humor?

So many people I know would love to be in this situation. Me? It’s good, but not at all necessary. Yes, I desire that my family know that they are children of God and live in that love. But, they are on their own paths, and be that in the Catholic Church, or in any Christian community, or any other community that lives and shares the love of God — it just doesn’t matter.

And so, while it makes me happy, I wonder why it is? I struggle so hard with the RC Church — with the scandals, the at times almost incomprehensible [to me] actions and decisions of the hierarchy and with those who seem bent on returning the church to one that I wouldn’t even recognize (I am a post Vatican II convert who thinks that I could never have been a pre-Vatican II Catholic). And here I sit – surrounded.

It just strikes me as a rather humorous situation… it’s likely that God knows better what I need than I do. No, not just likely — She does.