(with apologies to Jimmy Buffet)

I’ve recently been on a campaign to get rid of the extra padding I carry around — physically. So, I signed up with a weightloss clinic, where I pay more than I should for a program to redo my eating habits and drop pounds at a rate that keeps me inspired to stick with it. I suppose that if it works, where not much else ever has, then maybe it is not that overpriced.

So, this morning I looked in the mirror and felt like the changes were evident. That’s good, but it is also something that requires me to step back and evaluate. I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be. I feel so much lighter, I almost have to fight the urge to say “this is good enough.” and be done. But it’s not. I’m on this journey and I have a goal in mind. So, I’ll stick with it.

Funny thing about goals: you have to see where you are so you know what’s necessary to change/do to get there. And sometimes that goal is sort of fuzzy: you think you know what you’ll have when you reach it, but the closer you get, it seems to change on you. So, if I lose 50-60 lbs, just what will I have? And will I keep it?

Already I see my blood pressure dropping. It was never a problem on a generic scale, but it was higher than I was accustomed to. Not in the “high blood pressure” range, but in the “high blood pressure for Liz” range. So, I know I’m making progress.

I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years. Not that’s hope:  just the fact that I still have some of these clothes in the closet!

But the attitude that I must keep in mind is this:  Many people seem to exercise to lose weight. I am losing weight because I love exercise — and less weight means I can do more, and I hope to do things that I couldn’t do at a higher weight. I’d love to water ski successfully again, I’d love to snow ski (I’ve only been once), and I think I really like to try a ropes course. Not to mention attempting a marathon or at least a half-marathon. And, I already see that I can complete a Zumba class without dying… and I am beginning to be able to hold a plank position for more than 10 seconds (Just a matter of pride there).

Still, on occasion I just want to BE DONE. I don’t embrace the process 24/7. My patience runs short. I still need to work on the attitude whilst changing the latitude.