I somehow raised at least one child who falls on the opposite side of the political spectrum from her parents. She is a wonderful young woman, a wonderful Mommy to her daughter, a caring friend, a practicing Catholic. But, she probably would be an ardent Ayn Rand admirer, if she ever read the books. Can you tell I think Ayn Rand was just so wrong on so many levels?

That said, the other night I was staying over with her, and she brought up the current presidential election. I didn’t, she did. That lead to a discussion on approaches to social programs, child rearing and more. But what rather stopped me cold was when she said to me: “The difference between us is that you believe everyone is fundamentally good. I know better.”

The only response I could even think of was one that I had to bite my tongue not to say (because it would not have been said in a very nice tone): “And this is a problem because?” or “Duh! that’s what I’m going for.” She nailed it. She didn’t get my dander up really (even though I did think of some snarky responses). She caused me to pause and think “Thank you. It gives me great joy that you think that I am like that.”

This, I think, might be an instance where God let me know that on occasion, I am a witness to his overwhelming Love. It holds me up as I reflect on today’s second reading, where we are urged not to just hear the Word, but to act on it. Maybe, at times, I am able to do that. Certainly not always, but it must come through on occasion. If I ask Jesus to help me see with his eyes, how can I not be trying to see the good (or potential for good) in everyone around me?

What do I do with this? I’m still not sure, but, I am thankful that for one bright, shining moment, I was assured that I had reflected the God I know.