Sorry God– but I just can’t make any sense out of this school shooting to day. It makes it hard to gaze on your goodness and believe.

There are so many things right now that are pushing me to a place of disbelief… a place where I feel a need to shake my fist at declare that you don’t konw what you are doing these days. The school shooting, Baby Cooper, a rabid kitten in the neighborhood, the shooting in the mall in Oregon… OK, so a rabid kitten isn’t up there with the others, but, geeze! It’s not something that makes it easy to see goodness and light as I walk through Advent. These are things that make me fearful and angry and at the same time determined not to let “the bad guys” scare me.

Advent — a time of hope and expectation for for new life, waiting for Emmanuel.

In the midst of this I look out and see a beautiful day. I hope for good news on other fronts. I think of the fun my granddaughter and I had earlier in the week.

Today is going to take some time to make peace with.